We all knew there would be a variety of accessories to purchase for the Xbox One, but we didn't know the official pricing. On Monday, Microsoft took all the guesswork out, and announced the retail prices for its upcoming additional peripherals.

Unlike its next-gen competition, Microsoft will still require you to purchase separate rechargeable batteries for the Xbox One controller. These can be picked up in the new Play and Charge Kit for $24.99, or with a controller bundle for $74.99. Individual new Xbox One controllers will retail for $59.99. There doesn't appear to be a solitary battery for sale just yet.

Additionally, the Xbox One headset, which will not be included with the console at purchase, will run you $24.99. Keep in mind that the Xbox One console you're picking up on day one won't include a charging kit or battery either, so you're going to be doing your preferred retailer of choice a great deal of business when the Xbox One launches later this year. Unless you plan on actually using Kinect to talk to others online and have a vast storage of AA batteries lying around your house.

What do you think of the pricing, is it acceptable or outrageous?