Not to be outdone by Amazon’s vague announcement of a TV series written and directed by Woody Allen, HBO has also put talent first to return ‘SNL’ veteran Mike Myers to the spotlight. The erstwhile ‘Austin Powers’ (or more recently, Dr. Evil) has entered a two-year “TV exclusive” development deal with the pay-cable network, which…could really mean anything. To specifics!

Signing an overall deal with the network, Myers will…he’ll…look, I don’t know. He’ll probably do something. Maybe he’ll act! Maybe that’s what the recent ‘SNL’ appearance was all about, returning to the public spotlight! Or, perhaps he intends to direct! The press release does make mention of Myers recently helming Shep Gordon documentary ‘Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon,’ so that’s…you know. That’s a thing.

Thrillingly, here’s what Myers had to say of his HBO deal:

I’m thrilled to be at HBO.

Great stuff, Mike. Somewhat more elaborative, here’s HBO president Mike Lombardo on the news:

Mike Myers is one of the great comedy minds of this or any other era. The opportunity to collaborate with a talent of his stature is tremendously exciting.

And excited we all are. Mike Myers! Doin’ stuff at HBO. For the next two years. Oh, and I should probably mention the ‘SNL’ 40th anniversary special, or something. Maybe. I’m going to go make a sandwich now.