Looks like all that hard partying does have repercussions -- a rep for 'Jersey Shore' star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has confirmed that the eterna-tanned reality star has checked himself into rehab.  So what does this mean to the upcoming season of 'Jersey Shore' and what did Sorrentino himself tweet about the news?

The news comes shortly after MTV announced the show that's become an embarrassment to so many in the Garden State would return for a sixth year. But even as its current season wrapped up, many had noticed Sitch was MIA from a lot of the cast’s promotional appearances -- odd for a guy who never met a paparazzi camera he didn't love and commands as much as $50,000 every time he shows up at a nightclub.

Still, all may not be as it seems. Mike's rep says he isn't in rehab for substance abuse issues but rather to get  "much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule." Nice spin, but really? People who need a break take vacations, and "rehab" isn't usually at the top of a travel agent's list of dream destinations.

So apparently he too is choosing to let a teachable moment pass in favor of declaring himself some sort of super-human who can soak in vats of alcohol for years on end without consequence. Let's not forget the guy is almost 30 -- a time when many of us start to realize we can't survive on house music and Red Bull forever.

Regardless, Mike raked in $5 million in salary, endorsement and appearance fees last year, so every day he's on R&R, he loses about 14 grand -- meaning we don't think he'll be gone for long.