A rocky launch coupled with a bizarre bug may have contributed to the unimpressive sale statistics for Monaco, according to the game's developer.

Speaking Steam Reddit, Monaco developer Andy Schatz took some questions from fans about the cooperative stealth title. With the game available on Xbox 360, PC and Mac, fans were curious about the differences between developing for all the platforms. When asked the Xbox Live Arcade version, Schatz related the end results were "really disappointing."

"The 360 delay unquestionably hurt our sales," Schatz said. "There was a bug that only occurred on the retail boxes, so we couldn't have caught it until the game was fully through the certification process (4 player games were disconnecting, pretty much every game). Even when we were submitting a patch for it, we were blind, since we couldn't actually test to reproduce the problem on the dev kits."

Schatz added he believed the demo was rather lackluster, but the plan for success wasn't contingent on Xbox success. "I was never depending on the Xbox being our primary revenue generator, but I was very disappointed in Xbox sales nonetheless," Schatz added. "We put a ton of effort porting the game, and to have that effort be largely wasted was really disappointing."

Schatz is hardly the first indie developer to be met with disappointment on XBLA. Outside of a few titles (Minecraft, State of Decay), finding success on the console as an indie game has proven to be incredibly challenging. Whether or not this will change on the Xbox One remains to be seen, but at least there are plenty of other avenues for developers to choose where the markets are more receptive.