'Monsters University' is Pixar's first foray into the prequel game, which of course focuses on the early days of those beloved scarers Mike Wazowski and James "Sully" Sullivan. We still have about half a year to go before we get to see this surefire hit, but until then we can feast on a couple of new stills that display the cuddly monsters during their college years.

Courtesy of EW, you can see a fresh faced Mike first arriving at Monster U in the above pic. Seems as though Mike wasn't as cynical and grouchy as in his later years. (Can't we all say that, though?)

The other pic gives us a look at young Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) as he's in the middle of a prank at a frat party with Sully (John Goodman, natch). According to the 'toon's director, Dan Scanlon, this is roughly around the future friends meet - although it would seem as though they didn't hit it off from the get go. (You'll notice the strange goat-like monster next to Mike, the equivalent of a college mascot in this wacky world.)

'Monsters University' opens on June 21st, while 'Monsters, Inc. 3D' will get us primed on December 19th.