Lost in Translation: Movie Posters With Their Bizarre International Titles

Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros./New-Line

One of the more entertaining by-products of American movies being distributed globally is the way titles don't always make it through the language barrier. How many Oscar nominations would 'As Good As It Gets' have scored if it had gone by its Chinese title 'Mr. Cat Poop'? (Answer: zero.)

We thought we'd recreate movie posters with their ridiculous overseas translations, so we could imagine we live in a world where 'Pretty Woman' is called 'I Will Marry a Prostitute to Save Money.' It's a wonderful world, folks.

'Top Gun,' Israel

Kristy Puchko

'The Dark Knight,' Mexico

Kristy Puchko

'Risky Business,' China

Kristy Puchko

'Pretty Woman,' China

Kristy Puchko

'Drive Angry,' Thailand

Kristy Puchko

'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,' Malaysia

Kristy Powers

'As Good As It Gets,' China

Kristy Puchko

'Army of Darkness,' Japan

Kristy Puchko

'Annie Hall,' Germany

Kristy Puchko
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