With two new series in the works and four more just announced, is the old joke about how MTV used to play music videos even funny anymore? In addition to the already announced talk show, 'Hip-Hop POV' and a reality show following MySpace breakout star and "G6" singer, Dev, the network has added 'The Heights,' Totally Clueless,' 'Epic Fail' and 'How I Made It' to its very non-music video friendly lineup. What exactly are these shows?


'The Heights' (tentative title and totally unrelated to the old FOX '90210' spin-off) follows a group of friends trying to make it in New York City's Washington Heights neighborhood.  'Totally Clueless' is a hidden camera game show show in the tradition of 'Punk'd' in which contestants win prizes when they realize the joke's on them.

'Epic Fail' is panel style show which takes its cue from the endless stream of humiliating moments caught on video, hitting the Internet hourly. And 'How I Made It's' title is pretty self-explanatory. It's famous people talking about how they got famous.

If none of the above piques your interest, there's always a sixth season of 'Jersey Shore' and a third run of '16 and Pregnant' to look forward to. Sorry, no music videos.