Given that it's only May, we can't possibly know how pilots will turn out, or end up re-worked before ultimately going to air in the fall 2012 season.  Plenty of roles might need to be recast, or even written out to adjust to new schedules, and studios might simply decided they want a few things re-shot.  Perhaps they want to add more 3D!  Either way, what's the latest on NBC's acerbic "Animal Practice" that already looks like writing on the wall?

According to TVLine, Justin Kirk ('Weeds') comedy 'Animal Practice' has hurled its own waste at recast its lead female role, switching from Irish actress Amy Huberman's portrayal in the pilot to that of JoAnna Garcia.  Garcia has been previously known for her work on 'Better with You' and 'Privileges,' while Huberman was supposedly let go for "creative reasons."

'Animal Practice' follows Justin Kirk as Dr. George Coleman, a "'House'-like veterinarian who loves animals but usually hates their owners."  Garcia takes the role of Dorothy Rutledge, George’s intelligent and beautiful old girlfriend, now engaged to another, who is assigned to run the animal hospital.  Also co-starring on the series, created by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, are Tyler Labine and Bobby Lee.

You can catch the trailer for 'Animal Practice' below, but what say you?  Does the recasting of its female lead have you spelling the monkey droppings?  Tell us in the comments if you'll check out the series when it goes to pilot!