NBC's 'Hannibal' Serves Up More Bloody Photos


Who's ready for liver with a bit of fava beans and a nice chianti? Yesterday, we managed to catch our first look at NBC's upcoming Hannibal Lecter adaptation 'Hannibal,' in the form of a number of photos from Entertainment Weekly. In it, we saw the good doctor himself (Mads Mikkelsen), as well as the likes of Hugh Dancy's Will Graham and a bit of behind-the-scenes work, but what do the latest photos tease about an iconic movie moment?

Like a good meal, every course we're served of fresh 'Hannibal' sneak peeks only seem to get better and better. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly had a number of photos from the forthcoming NBC Bryan Fuller series, with a pilot directed by David Slade, but now we've gotten to check out the full set! Among some new, clearer shots of Mikkelsen's Lecter, we also see an increasingly bloody Will Graham on the job, and Laurence Fishburne behind the scenes as FBI head Jack Crawford.

But perhaps most interesting of all are the shots of Lecter cooking!  His meal of choice, you ask?  Whereas the initial photos highlighted a big, pink slab of meat, newer shots of a chianti bottle and some cooking beans would seem to indicate we're seeing the iconic moment Anthony Hopkins famously described to Clarice Starling in 'Silence of the Lambs'! Hold onto your livers, census takers!

Check out the new photos below, and tell us if you'll tune in for 'Hannnibal' in the comments!

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