Even longer than our wait for new episodes of 'The Walking Dead,' the long hiatus between the first and second half of 'Revolution's' inaugural season will soon come to an end when the acclaimed sci-fi drama premieres again on March 25 (maybe sooner, if NBC keeps going as it has been!). That wait was made easier by  the recent animated webisodes "Wheatly's Letters," but are you ready for the real deal? 'Revolution' will return early with a new live-action web series, focusting on Gianacarlo Esposito's character Tom Neville! Get a preview of the big 'Revolution' return inside!

NBC could use a bit of help these days if you hadn't already heard, so thankfully 'Revolution' will soon return to right the course. Rather than continue to wait for the March 25 premiere, however, NBC will air new live-action webisodes of the series beginning on February 25, and focusing on Giancarlo Esposito's villainous Captain Tom Neville, Entertainment Weekly has revealed.

Consisting of five episodes, the web series will flash back to 11 years after the blackout, specifically the night Miles (Billy Burke) first tried to assassinate General Monroe (David Lyons). The series follows Neville on the hunt for those who had a hand in the assassination attempt, though on his journey Neville discovers "an even greater conspiracy that could change the course of the Republic forever." Lyons and Burke will all reprise their roles for the series.

Entertainment Weekly also managed a sneak peek of the first script, so check it out below, stay tuned for the web series on February 25, and tell us if you're excited for new episodes of NBC's 'Revolution' in the comments!