Nobody jinx it, but this might just be the coolest thing we've heard all day.  Amidst the slate of impressive, and varied developments debuting on NBC in the coming months, today we've learned of one more added to the slate that tickles the nerd in all of us.  Will you be ready for 'Hench,' NBC's new super villain drama?  Eat your cancelled heart out, 'The Cape.'

Deadline announces today that NBC has begun development on a brand new super-villain-themed series from Peter Berg / Sarah Aubrey company Film 44 and Universal TV, the aptly-titled 'Hench.'  Written by Alexandra Cunningham, 'Hench' will follow a regular joe  as he attempts to provide or his family by taking temp jobs as a henchman for various supervillains.  In other words, the closest we'll come to that live-action 'The Venture Bros.' we've always wanted.

'Hench,' which reunites the creative team behind NBC's failed adaptation of 'Prime Suspect,' is far from NBC's only attempt at putting a superhero-themed drama on television in recent years, taking into account the successful five-year run of 'Heroes,' as well as more recent attempts like 'The Cape' or even David E. Kelley's failed 'Wonder Woman' pilot.  NBC has a number of imaginative pilots in development on top of their fall slate, including the recent announcement of a supernaturally-themed 'Cleopatra' series.

What say you?  Could 'Hench' take off where 'The Cape' failed?  Will it be the next buzz-worthy TV drama, or prove as second-string as its title would suggest?  Give us your take in the comments below!