Netflix has wasted absolutely no time following through on its promise to produce and distribute original films, and their latest deal should make cinephiles pretty happy. The company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos has just signed with indie filmmaking duo Jay and Mark Duplass for four new movies, which the pair will produce through their Brothers Productions company.

We’re just one day into Sundance, and some big deals are already being made. Earlier this evening, it was announced that Julia Roberts will produce and star in a feature film based on the documentary ‘Batkid Begins,’ about leukemia survivor Miles Scott. And our next big piece of news comes courtesy of Deadline, which reports that Netflix has signed a four-picture deal with the Duplass brothers.

Jay and Mark Duplass are two of the most hard-working and beloved indie filmmakers, and they’re back at Sundance this week 10 years after they first arrived with their feature debut ‘The Puffy Chair’ to premiere three new films they’ve produced: ‘The Bronze,’ ‘The Overnight,’ and ‘Tangerine.’ The pair, who are known for films like ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’ and ‘Cyrus,’ also created the new, critically-acclaimed HBO series ‘Togetherness,’ which stars Mark Duplass along with Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet, and Steve Zissis (who starred in the brothers’ film ‘The Do-Deca Pentathlon’).

The pair also have recurring roles on ‘The Mindy Project,’ and Mark Duplass is a star of FX’s ‘The League’ and the upcoming indie horror flick ‘The Lazarus Effect’—basically, the brothers Duplass are everywhere you look these days, making them quite the impressive indie success story.

And now they’ll be streaming on your computer with four new films via Netflix Instant, which will have a short, limited theatrical run before becoming available to subscribers. It still remains unclear how Netflix (and Amazon, who recently announced their own plans to move forward with original films) will negotiate with theaters to premiere their original films before transitioning to streaming, as major theater chains don’t typically release films that are hitting VOD the same day or shortly after. It seems likely that Amazon and Netflix will turn to indie theaters to distribute their new releases, though neither company is addressing the issue…for now.