As if Netflix extended its omnipotence to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the first ‘House of Cards’ season 3 trailer managed to strike just minutes after Kevin Spacey took home a Golden Globe for Francis Underwood. Speaking of that newly-crowned President, see the Underwoods begin their drama anew in our first look at the political drama’s 2015 run!

Ol’ Claire seems to be losing her nerve by the first trailer for ‘House of Cards’ season 3, reminding her husband of the lives they’d taken in their murderous climb up the ladder. “We’re survivors,” Francis seethes back, while elsewhere in the trailer we see a foreign leader embarrassing President Underwood at multiple turns, even planting one on Claire.

The real question remains: Where in the ever-loving world is Cashew?

All 13 episodes premiering on February 27 (so much for Valentine’s Day), ‘House of Cards’ third term in office will see ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Kim Dickens appearing among the cast in an unspecified role, along with ‘Law & Order: SVU‘s Jenna Sterns as a United Nations ambassador. Russian band Pussy Riot has been said to make an appearance in the new season, while Tony Gilroy has joined on the creative side, and actress Elizabeth Norment (Frank’s secretary Nancy) tragically succumbed to cancer during production.

You can witness ‘House of Cards’’ season 3 return with the new trailer above, and tell us what you want to see when Frank Underwood murderously takes the presidency on February 27, 2015!