Warner Bros. released a new 'The Dark Knight Rises' TV spot and while there is stuff we've already seen, there's more footage of that awesome Bat-wing plane doing some awesome stuff.

In Chris Nolan's epic conclusion to his 'Dark Knight' trilogy, Batman has been in exile for several years, but the city of Gotham is about to face its biggest threat yet in the form of Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), two villains who have very different ideas about the future of society. Batman is forced out of exile to save his city one last time -- but will he sacrifice himself in the process? Have you seen Tom Hardy's arms? We're getting a little scared for Batman over here.

The footage in this 'Dark Knight Rises TV spot is familiar -- the football player running across the field as it implodes behind him, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (in and out of signature catsuit), Bane and those aforementioned arms, and plenty of fleeting glimpses of big action set pieces featuring all the Bat-transportation we've come to love (Tumbler, Bat-cycle), and that new, spiffy Bat-wing.

Tickets have already been going on sale around the country for the film event of the summer (even selling for big bucks on eBay). 'The Dark Knight Rises' hits theaters July 20 -- have you purchased your ticket yet?