After more than a decade, most classic games have had every inch of the map explored, every secret uncovered, and every strange bug revealed. Someone forgot to tell Final Fantasy 9, as a new, never-before-seen side quest was discovered thirteen years after its initial release.

How does an entry in a franchise as beloved as Final Fantasy go this long without having all its deepest, darkest secrets discovered? Probably because the scenario for unlocking the additional quest is so predicated on exact events unfolding in a certain way, the chance of uncovering the quest by accident was practically nil. Factor in the terrible strategy guide, which was about as thick as most game manuals using today's standards, and you've got a hidden gem.

The mission was found by "The_Kusabi_" (a user on a FF9 message board), and then confirmed by neoGAF members, and captured for all posterity on YouTube (where it was spotted by Kotaku). You can get a full rundown of quest and its contents on the forum, or by watching the video above. Now that you know there's a quest you most likely missed out on when you played the game, will you go back and give Final Fantasy 9 another playthrough?