We, like you, are avid 'Fringe' fans, and only tenuously accepting of the idea that this fall will see the final season for Olivia Dunham, Walter and Peter Bishop, Astrid, Broyles and Nina Sharp.  And with 'Fringe' season 5 representing the end, it's likely we'll have to say goodbye to a few characters even before the finale, so what about the latest promo has us reaching for the red vines in grief?  Is Walter Bishop not long for this world?

The Observers may be coming, but we're more worried about who's going if the latest 'Fringe' promo is to be taken as any kind of indicator.  While FOX's latest spot for the fifth and final season shows us plenty we've already seen, one of the closing shots features a very battered and bloody Walter Bishop under the heel of one of the invading Observers, who menacingly remarks "You are fighting much more than I would have thought possible."

Could it be that Walter Bishop finally pays the ultimate price for all the damage he's caused to the world(s) over the years?  Will the Fringe team be able to rescue him in time?  And seriously Peter, why would you tempt fate by saying out loud how happy you are in the moment?

Beginning September 28, 'Fringe' will take us to the year 2036 to continue the fight against the Observers, but until then watch the teaser below and give us your theories on 'Fringe' season 5 in the comments!