With 'Game of Thrones' season three only two weeks away, we can fully expect the previews to start coming fast and furious. The first major promo to follow the debut trailer is a thirty-second spot titled "War" and it does a pretty good job of living up to that title. Check it out for yourself below.

For much of 'Game of Thrones,' political backstabbing and intrigue have taken the forefront while most of the actual warfare has been pushed to the background (for budgetary reasons, honestly). However, there seems to be more action in this new preview than in the first two seasons combined, which suggests that season three will finally take us down into the trenches on a regular basis. Sure, not every episode can be "Blackwater," but a few extra battles here and there will certainly give us some perspective. After all, this is a show where everyone and their mother has an army.

'Game of Thrones' finally returns on March 31st. Kill some time by watching the preview below on infinite repeat.