Our lives have felt significantly less "adorkable" since 'New Girl' wrapped its first season, and we were left wondering just how the loft gang would ever get back together after Nick (Jake Johnson) moved out.  Then the show rather hastily wrapped that up, but it doesn't mean we miss the show any less!  So as long as we're bein' quirky with Zooey Deschanel, what are the chances we'll get to see some of her musical talents next season?

Deschanel, in real life one-half of the pop group She & Him recently spoke to TVLine about the potential for a musical episode of 'New Girl' when the show returns for a second season this fall on FOX.  When asked if a theme episode could make room for the actresses real-life musical talent, Deschanel responded, “I’m not sure...you always have to consider how things fit into the world of the show. The comedy is totally different on [for instance] 'Community.' They can get away with making things a bit more surreal.”

While 'New Girl' is no stranger to episodes that dabble in making things a bit silly, Deschanel maintains “It’s definitely silly, and I’m not saying we don’t go with the silliness, but we don’t go with the surreal.”  Still, FOX has certainly made musical episodes out of weirder candidates, such as 'Bones.'  “I think it would be really fun, and I’d love to do something like that. They’d just have to find a way to put it into the reality of [our] world.”

Need a little bit of a 'New Girl' fix to tide you over for the summer?  Why not a little summer Schmidt?  Check out the video below, and tell us in the comments what you'd like to see from 'New Girl' season 2 in the comments!