Director Nicolas Winding Refn (last year's fantastic 'Drive') is in talks to direct 'Button Man,' based on the similarly titled graphic novel, 'Button Man: The Killing Game.'

It seems like a match made in movie heaven, and it could soon very well be a reality. Deadline reports that Refn is in talks with DreamWorks to direct an adaptation of the graphic novel that tells the story of a group of bored millionaires pit trained killers against each other for sport. The wealthy men place bets on the "players," in a story that sounds part 'Most Dangerous Game' and part -- dare we say it, please don't hate us -- 'Gamer.'

All of this sounds perfect for Refn, who also directed the violent drama 'Bronson,' which starred Tom Hardy as British criminal madman Charles Bronson, a man who did everything in his power to stay in prison for most of his life.

John Wagner and Arthur Ranson created the graphic novel; Wagner is also known for creating 'Judge Dredd' and 'Strontium Dog.'

Refn is currently shooting 'Only God Forgives,' a film that reunites him with 'Drive' star Ryan Gosling. Gosling plays the son of a crime boss (Kristin Scott Thomas) and is sent to Thailand to work the drug circuit. When his drug-addicted brother turns up dead at the hands of a merciless cop with a penchant for swords called "The Angel of Vengeance," Gosling sets out to avenge his brother with the help of some handy martial arts moves and, we assume, his impeccable looks. Please, like you wouldn't throw up a white flag with one look from that guy.