The developers of DmC: Devil May Cry and Enslaved are currently putting a team together for a brand-new game. What's next from Ninja Theory?

The company's site lists ten job vacancies Ninja Theory is hoping to fill. A range of openings are available, from technical director down to junior character artist. It's never explicitly stated what kind of game Ninja Theory is developing, but there are a few clues hinting at the possibilities.

First, the technical director candidate must have experience shipping a completed AAA title in the past. The senior designer is tasked with having experience with Unreal 3 or 4, CryEngine or Unity. While those might not seem like very important clues, those details do tell us Ninja Theory is looking to make another console game. Currently, the developer is finishing up Fightback, an iOS combat game.

Ninja Theory's titles to this point may have the gaudy sales numbers of some competitors, but they are always well designed and fun to play. Whether or not this next title will be next-gen remains to be seen, but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes open for whatever the developer has in store.