Technology remains ever-evolving, and the more time goes on the more integrated computer, TV and even video games become.  Today, that integration takes a big step forward as Nintendo not only unveiled the launch, price, and features of its next-gen console Wii U, but also "TVii," an innovative new way to both stream and control your favorite TV content right through the the system.  But how does this fancy new gizmo change the way we watch TV, and is it worth the system's price tag?

Nintendo has finally caught up with the modern gaming market's integration of TV and video streaming services in a big way, today introducing the "TVii" aspect of its forthcoming Wii U platform.  The new app, to be included with every purchase of the system (dropping November 18) allows users to control, record and interact with TV and movie programming using the Wii U's multifunctional tablet controller.

Using the "GamePad" controller's touchscreen, TVii browses video services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video, even satellite channels and recorded TiVo shows to stream on the TV.  The pad even allows you to access movie reviews and even trailers, all available on the controller itself while other programming plays on the TV.

But that's not all!  TVii can even create personalized program guides for each individual user of the household, and includes a social media aspect as well.  In addition to interactive social media content, Nintendo TVii can freeze-frame capture images from the TV program or sports program you're watching, to share or comment on those images with Twitter and various other social media.

Nintendo's Wii U hits the US market on November 18, in both a $300 8gb package, and a $350 32gb package with additional components, though both will recieve the TVii app at a date to follow.  Don't believe us?  Take a look at this video for Nintendo's TVii below, and tell us what you think in the comments!