Ladies and gentleman, it's time to present you all with the brand new trailer for 'Nitro Circus 3D.' This trailer promises everything you won't get out of an action movie this summer, and that's real action, or at least you be the judge of that when you watch the trailer.

To think it was a little more than a decade ago when we were graced with the likes of 'Jackass.' Ever since then the world of television and film weren't ever the same. We're talking about how desensitized we as an audience are to the amount of physical pain that these guys endure to get a good laugh out of us. We love it, hence why they keep on making these movies, and 'Nitro Circus 3D' is no different. Except instead of seeing a bunch of guys hit others say in the nuts we see this group demolish cars, bikes, you name it.

Not everybody will be able to check out the new film when it's released on August 8th. It will only premiere in a select number of cities. We are surprised that they managed to slap together this trailer a few days before release. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.