Just two days after this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony, auctioneer Nate D. Sanders is putting fifteen Oscar statuettes up for auction. Among the statues are Herman Mankiewicz's award for his screenplay for 'Citizen Kane,' as well as film editing and musical score statuettes for 'The Best Days of Our Lives' and the 1933 best picture statue for 'Cavalcade.'

If you've ever stood in your shower and graciously accepted your shampoo while giving a rushed acceptance speech that includes a shout-out to your cat before the orchestra consisting of the clothes pile on your floor plays you off, then you probably want a shiny Oscar of your very own. You most likely won't be the owner of one anytime soon, though, as the statues are expected to fetch $2 million total.

Historically, the Oscars have refused to let winners sell their statuettes to anyone other than the Academy, for the staggering price of one dollar.