With 'Paranormal Activity' one of the strongest horror franchises going right now, it's a little surprising it took this long for a film to be made about a Ouija Board. The block of wood that can supposedly summon spirits, it's been used effectively for scares in the first 'Paranormal' and in 'The Exorcist.' And now it looks like Universal has cracked the way to turn it into a film.

Their solution? Going micro-budget. Juliet Snowden and Stiles White have been hired to write and direct the film, according to Variety. The duo have had success as genre writers, having worked on 2005's 'Boogeyman,' 2009's 'Knowing' and this year's 'The Possession,' which we keep hearing good things about.

The film was originally conceived as a big-budget blockbuster with McG attached to direct, but the low budget route seems smart and safe for a horror movie. If they keep the costs down, an early year or Halloween-themed release practically guarantees the film will be a success. Of course turning a block of wood into a narrative is silly, but we can imagine how it will work - which is that it will be very similar to all the supernatural horror we've seen of late. Whether it's found footage or not remains the only major question.