The latest trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter game, Payday 2, delves deep into the skills you'll have at your disposal when committing a heist.

Payday 2 features four archetypal skill classes you can play as: the mastermind, the enforcer, the technician or the ghost. Each offers a unique way to play the game, with a focused set of skills to use and unlock as you progress.

The mastermind uses a doctor's bag, and has the ability to control crowds inside the banks. The technician is proficient in the use of gadgets like trip mines and sentry guns. The enforcer has more health than the rest of the gang, and can drop an ammo bag when needed. The ghost is the stealthiest class, and has jammers and lock picks to make entry and egress easier.

Performing well earns you skill points, which you can then use to upgrade your classes. Earning enough will allow you to open new tiers of skills, which opens up even more possibilities for customization. You can see all the skills in action in the trailer above while you wait for Payday 2 to arrive later this year.