Since we're currently stuck in a cultural moment where everything looks like 'Twilight,' 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' makes us nostalgic for the time when everything looked like 'Harry Potter.' A new batch of posters for the Greek god-themed fantasy adventure have arrived. While they may not catch the eye of non-fans, they're sure to delight people already familiar with this series.

Based on a series of young adult books by Rick Riordan, the 'Percy Jackson' series follows a group of young demigods (the offspring of a god and a human) as they embark on all kinds of dangerous quests and such. Naturally, they encounter their fair share of deities (usually played by familiar actors that you probably really like from those shows they were on) and fight monsters. Lots of monsters. Although most of the posters included below simply spotlight the cast, the best of them is the one that gives just as much attention to the sheer number of mythological beasts that inhabit the film. Forget about Logan Lerman, just give us more monsters! According to the title, there's a whole sea of them, after all.

'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' arrives in theaters on August 7, 2013. Check out the new collection of posters below, the first of which debuted on Yahoo Movies.

The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide got their hands on this international poster ...

... and 20th Century Fox released this batch of character posters sporadically since last week: