We're a little over a month away from 'Piranha 3DD,' the sequel that promises everything will be be bigger, better, and bloodier. And a little David Hasselhoff-ier, too.
Today we have seven new photos from the film, but there isn't much to see here that we haven't seen previously in the two trailers. Just a little classic, over the shoulder Hasselhoff action, some pretty ladies (they seem a bit overdressed, no?), and a couple of blood-soaked pics to whet your appetite until the premiere on June 1.

The fish are back, and this time they've come to a water park, aptly titled The Big Wet Water Park ("A Place to Slide into Pee Water" was taken?), to wreak havoc on the stripper lifeguards and all the beautiful people and their children (inappropriate!).

Starring the aforementioned Hoff, David Koechner, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Gary Busey, Paul Scheer, and Ving Rhames, this sequel promises to deliver on that "DD," whatever that means. (Boobs, we think.) You can click on any of the images below to see in hi-res.

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