A new set of trailers has come out for Puppeteer, which includes an E3 trailer and videos that feature some new heads in action. From the looks of things, Kutaro's going to have his hands full on this adventure.

Gavin Moore, Art Director for SCE Worldwide Studios, recently posted on the PlayStation Blog about Puppeteer and its upcoming appearance at the PlayStation booth at this year's E3.

He introduces us to two new heads that Kutaro can don in order to get unique powers. First up is the Moon Pirate head, which will allow him access to the Hook Power. As you can imagine, this will give you the ability to hook onto objects and reel them in. The Moon Wrestler head imbues Kutaro with brute strength, allowing him to truck anything in his way. This head would be particularly useful in situations in which large objects need to be hefted.

Moore also talks about the Theatrical Pack, which will be free to those who pre-order the game. Inside this downloadable content pack will be the original soundtrack, exclusive PlayStation Network avatars, and a dynamic theme featuring concept art from all seven acts of Puppeteer.

Puppeteer will be released on September 10 for the PlayStation 3. Watch the trailers above and below, then let us know if you'll be getting it!