Two invisible protagonists, never-ending inclimate weather, and a mystery that can only be solved by helping one another traverse the city. Rain sounds like an interesting game, and this latest trailer shows off a bit more of what to expect from the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Part of the narrative will focus on the young boy helping the young girl escape from the invisible monsters that are chasing them both. The city houses a lot of different areas to explore and escape the rain, but just how many of these locales will feature answers to how the two characters got turned invisible remains to be seen.

Sony will have Rain on hand at E3 for hands-on demos, and we're eager to see what everyone thinks of the game. It definitely has an Ico feel, and its unique visuals give it a look that's both eye-catching and intriguing. Of course, it doesn't matter how great a game looks if it doesn't play well. While we wait for some early impressions, you can check out the trailer above, and give us your thoughts on Rain in the comments.