We've already told you about 'Sin City 2' and Machete Kills' (which just landed Mel Gibson), so you would think that Robert Rodriguez would have a full plate. Nope, he's gone and lined up a third project: 'Fire and Ice' - a remake of the Ralph Bashki/ Frank Frazetta animated film.

This would then shoot after 'Sin City 2,' and would be done in the same style as his 'Sin City' films, so it would be a mixture of live action and CGI. It's worth noting that Rodriguez has had some projects get lost in the wind, most notably his supposed reboot of 'Red Sonja' with then-muse Rose McGowan. That project (like his remake of 'Barbarella') seems to have fallen away. McGowan went on to do something similar (but not quite) in the recent 'Conan the Barbarian' film. Such makes us take this news with a grain of salt.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and it's no surprise that Rodriguez is keeping busy. It's been his modus operandi ever since he started directing films. The questions - as it always is with Rodriguez's work - is if he's engaged. There are only a handful of the many films he's been involved in that don't come across as slapdash, and though his work ethic is admirable, his filmography is not.