Ahead of next week's launch of GTA Online, Rockstar has provided a few details about its plans for the multiplayer mode, including the first bits of DLC coming.

Rockstar confirmed the reports about microtransactions on Newswire, offering there would be a way to buy in-game cash so you could access better cars and weapons earlier. The developer added it will take you longer to accrue enough cash to get the goods normally, so the microtransactions are being offered for those who don't want to wait to get fast cars and garages or apartments, too.

Interestingly enough, Rockstar also talked a bit about the first downloadable content coming to Grand Theft Auto 5's GTA Online. None of the DLC has actual release dates just yet, but there are four planned free updates coming. Included will be the content creator, which will allow you to craft your own races and deathmatches. You'll also get Capture the Flag, which Rockstar promised would have a unique GTA twist on the classic multiplayer mode.

Heists will also be added at a later date, which is a bit disappointing, but the co-op mode will offer all the advantages of the heists in the single-player story. Finally, there's the Beach Bum pack, which will add 4 new vehicles, 300 pieces of clothing and 2 new weapons into GTA Online. Even more details on these add-ons will come at a later date, but for now, Rockstar is focused on making the GTA Online launch next week as smooth as possible.