We all need something to remind us of the few things that are right with this world: breakfast foods, bacon-wrapped turkey legs and Steffi Graff. The Ron Swanson bobblehead is that totem. And if you want to learn how to make one for yourself, the man behind "Parks and Recreation's" lovable Cro-Magnon, Nick Offerman shows you how in a new instructional video.

Offerman invites us into his woodworking shop to show us how easy it to craft a Ron Swanson bobblehead with "just some tools, part of a tree and a whole lot of moxie." And if you think the actor's woodworking skills aren't for real, you might want to pick up a copy of the DVD, "Canoe Building with Nick Offerman."

While Ron Swanson is an all-around red meat-eating Renaissance man, when they learned that Nick Offerman is a master woodworker, "Parks and Recreation" writers decided to add "woodworking" to Swanson's skillset, which includes hunting, fishing and playing the saxophone.

Check out Offerman, and perhaps his greatest creation, in the video below. And if woodwork isn't your thing, pick up a pre-made Ron Swanson bobblehead from the NBC Universal store.