Ryan Lochte is the latest semi-celeb getting his own reality series, this time on the E! network. (WHAT?! It's NOT on Bravo?) You might have seen a few trailers and TV promos here and there for the presumably idiotic affair, but if you're looking for more reasons to hate the idea, you need to watch this footage of these FOX affiliate anchors interviewing the Olympian. ...Even they can't keep it together.

TMZ got a hold of some footage from FOX's "Good Day Philly" interview with Ryan Lochte as he promoted (or tried to promote) his reality show 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' Honestly, after listening to some of his answers to basic questions, we don't how the anchors remained composed for the duration of the segment. But when they broke down, they broke...down.

"How are they gonna get enough material?" is the main question on the anchors' minds. And it's a valid one, considering Lochte's response put us to sleep. By the way, while listening to his voice, we couldn't help but ask ourselves if all Olympic swimmers were closeted stoners.