It's no secret Saints Row 4 is a game with ridiculous amounts of violence. Because of this Australia has banned potential sales of the game for the time being. In order to satisfy hungry gamers looking for more action with the Saints, a "Low Violence Version" of the game is being offered on Steam.

According to Kotaku, the listing for the Low Violence Version has appeared for Australian players. Though it's being made available, there are actually no details on how different this version is from the original game. Volition was said to be working on a version of the game that would meet the ACB's standards, so perhaps this is the revamped edition.

Australia's Classification Board has banned the game due to its over-the-top violent content. One report in particular highlights the use of an Alien Anal Probe in the game, which was one of the reasons it was refused classification.

Let us know how you feel about a Low Violence Version of Saints Row 4. And tell us if you'll grab the regular version of the game when it drops on Aug. 20.