You know how you can tell things are about to get real in Saints Row 4? They brought in Keith David to portray not just any old character, but himself. It's time to save the world, baby.

There's a lot at stake in Saints Row 4, and Volition doesn't appear to be holding back from the drama. Sure, there are going to be dick jokes. There are going to be humorous innuendos. There might even be some offensive remarks. Above all else though, Saints Row 4 is the story of a man on a mission, trying to do what's right, and save everyone he loves. That's powerful stuff.

At this point, there should be little doubt Volition is bringing the funk for this fourth entry in the series. We're optimistic Saints Row 4 could be better than the last entry, but until we see more of the game in action, we'll just have to hope our expectations can be met on August 20.