Salvador Dalí is easily one of the most influential surrealist painters of all time. So when it was announced that Imagine Entertainment would be moving forward with a proper biopic on the artist, fans will probably be saying something around the lines of "it's about time."

Deadline reports that the production company has already hired screenwriter Paige Cameron to write the untitled biopic. Cameron has made some waves in the movie industry with a couple of her scripts which include 'Leaving Ten Sleep' and another biopic on Louis Armstrong titled 'Satchmo.' Apparently the aspiring filmmaker showed off a pitch so great to Imagine Entertainment that they couldn't let this slip through their fingers, especially since the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation is also endorsing the project.

Producing the film is Brian Grazer who is ecstatic that they have somebody like Cameron to help them bring this project forward. "We are impressed by Paige's knowledge of Salvador Dalí's art and his life, as well as by her insight and her storytelling skill."

In the untitled biopic, the story is set to center around Dalí's life which includes not only how he influenced the general culture around him at the time but his chaotic marriage to Gala. This is already sounding a lot better than the lackluster 'Little Ashes,' and we don't believe that Robert Pattinson will be anywhere near this movie, ever.