Index Holdings, parent company of Atlus, filed for bankruptcy earlier this summer. Though the fate of Atlus is up in the air at the moment, there are plenty of parties interested in acquiring the publisher/developer.

According to a new Bloomberg Japan report (translated by CVG), Index has debts reaching around $245 million, and looking to sell off some of its assets to help pay creditors. While there are surely some other parts of the company that are of interest to buyers, Atlus is the biggest piece of the pie that interests us. It's apparently generated some inquiries from nearly 20 different companies, one of which is believed to be Sega.

There have been bids on Atlus already, with the largest supposedly coming in at $203 million. There's no indication where that bid came from, but that would almost certainly wipe a huge chunk of Index's debts right off the bat. At this point, the switch could happen at any point, so we'll be following further developments closely. The good news is there will definitely be a home for Atlus. Now we just have to see where it will wind up.