According to a new article over on the Xbox website, gamers with the Xbox Live Gold Membership will be offered a number of sharing options for their digital downloads and multiplayer access.

Here is the basic gist of the release:

  • When you purchase the new Xbox One and a Gold Membership, you'll be able to extend that gold membership to anyone playing on your home console, even if they are using their own gamer tag.
  • If you sign in on a different console, lets say your friend's next door, you'll be able to access your downloaded titles.
  • If you purchase a downloadable game while on someone else's console, it will be automatically downloaded to your home console as well.
  • Your Xbox Gold Membership perks like multiplayer and entertainment apps are available to you from any console that you log in on. So, if you head next door and log in, you can enjoy multiplayer with a buddy.

Overall, these sharing features are really common sense and that is a wonderful thing. It'll be nice to know that wherever you are, your Gold Membership features will be there and you can now basically purchase any downloadable game from anywhere and have it back on your home console.

We're wondering if Sony may fire back with a similar set of sharing options for the PS4.