Released in 1995 and directed by Paul Verhoeven, who previously gave us classics like 'RoboCop' and 'Total Recall,' 'Showgirls' was a delightful trainwreck of a movie, and an instant so-bad-it's-awesome classic. Former 'Saved by the Bell' star Elizabeth Berkeley starred in the leading role -- looking to shed her good girl image like so many actresses before her, Berkeley played Nomi Malone, a young woman who goes to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming a famous dancer, but finds that those dreams come with a major price. With a cast bolstered by Gina Gershon and Kyle MacLachlan, 'Showgirls' flopped both critically and commercially, but has gone on to become something of a trashy cult classic. 19 years later, we look back at the cast of the film and see what they're up to now.

Elizabeth Berkeley, Nomi Malone

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Then: Elizabeth Berkeley, best known for playing feminist Jessie Spano on teen sitcom 'Saved by the Bell,' played Nomi Malone, a young woman who hitchhikes to Las Vegas and goes from being a stripper to being the star of a major show at the Stardust. Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and Charlize Theron all turned the role down before Berkeley accepted it.

Now: Appearing in 'Showgirls' didn't exactly boost Berkeley's career profile the way she thought it would, and although she didn't become a major star, she has appeared in the films 'The First Wives Club,' 'The Curse of the Jade Scorpion,' and 'Any Given Sunday.' She's also starred in a handful of TV movies, including 'Student Seduction' and 'Black Widow.' Berkeley had recurring roles on 'CSI: Miami' and 'The L Word,' and appeared in 'S. Darko,' the direct-to-DVD sequel to 'Donnie Darko.' More recently, in 2013, she competed on 'Dancing with the Stars.'

Kyle MacLachlan, Zack Carey

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Then: Kyle MacLachlan played Zack Carey, the entertainment director of the Stardust, who is also dating Cristal, the current star of the show; eventually, Nomi and Zack start up a relationship. MacLachlan was previously known for his role on the show 'Twin Peaks.'

Now: MacLachlan also appeared in the films 'The Trigger Effect,' 'One Night Stand,' 'Me Without You,' and 'The Smell of Success.' He had recurring roles on 'Sex and the City' as Charlotte's first husband, Trey, and on 'Desperate Housewives' as Orson Hodge. He's also appeared on 'How I Met Your Mother' and plays the Mayor on IFC's 'Portlandia.' He currently stars on the new series 'Believe,' and has also appeared on 'The Good Wife.'

Gina Gershon, Cristal Connors

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Then: Gina Gershon played Cristal Connors, the diva star of Goddess at the Stardust, whom Nomi pushes down the stairs so she can assume her place at the top. Gershon previously had supporting roles in 'Cocktail' and 'The Player.'

Now: Since then, Gershon starred in 'Bound,' the debut film from the Wachowskis, 'Face/Off,' 'Driven,' 'P.S. I Love You,' 'Love Ranch,' and 'Killer Joe' with Matthew McConaughey. She had recurring roles on 'Rescue Me' and the short-lived HBO series 'How to Make It in America,' has notably guest-starred on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Eastbound and Down,' and has more recently guest-starred on 'Maron' and 'Community.' Her recent film credits include 'LOL' and 'Dealin' with Idiots,' and she can be seen next in the thriller 'The Scribbler' with Eliza Dushku and Garret Dillahunt.

Robert Davi, Al Torres

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Then: Robert Davi played Al Torres, Nomi's boss at the Cheetah, the strip club where she works until she lands a spot dancing in Goddess at the Stardust. Davi, a veteran actor, had previously appeared in films like 'Die Hard' and 'Predator 2.'

Now: Davi has over 130 credits to his name, and has appeared on shows like 'Stargate: Atlantis,' 'Nip/Tuck,' and 'Criminal Minds.' He's also had supporting roles in films like 'The Hot Chick,' 'Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss' (made for TV), 'Kill the Irishman,' and 'The Iceman.' He recently appeared in 'Blood of Redemption' with Dolph Lundgren, and can be seen next with Lundgren again in 'The Expendables 3.'

Gina Ravera, Molly Abrams

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Then: Gina Ravera played Molly Abrams, a costume designer for Goddess who takes a down and out Nomi in as her roommate and friend, and introduces her to the world of glamorous showgirls at the Stardust. Ravera previously had a recurring role on the series 'Silk Stalkings.'

Now: Ravera went on to star in the films 'Soul Food' and 'Kiss the Girls,' and had recurring roles on 'Time of Your Life' and the TV series version of 'The Fugitive.' After guest-starring on 'Charmed,' 'Boston Legal,' and 'Everwood,' Ravera had recurring roles on 'ER' and 'The Closer.' In more recent years, you may have seen her guest-starring on episodes of 'Private Practice,' 'Lie to Me,' or 'CSI.'

Rena Riffel, Penny/Hope

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Then: Rena Riffel played Penny, a fellow stripper at the Cheetah whose stage name is Hope. Penny/Hope hooks up James, with an early love interest of Nomi's, who promised to teach her how to dance.

Now: Riffel went on to appear in 'Striptease,' 'Candyman: Day of the Dead,' 'Mulholland Drive,' and had an uncredited part in 'National Lampoon's Gold Diggers.' More recently she's appeared in a bunch of B-movies, like 'Trasharella' and 'Exit to Hell.' In 2011, with funding help from Kickstarter, she released 'Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven,' a film which she wrote, directed, and starred in, reprising her role from the first 'Showgirls' movie.