With Frank Miller's source material offering a number of opportunities, it's shocking that it's taken Robert Rodriguez this long to follow up 'Sin City' with a sequel. Well, the wait is over, and it looks like 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' will start shooting this summer.

Deadline Hollywood has the full press release, and though it's mostly filled with praise for everyone and everything associated with the project and the first film, it does suggest that - like the first film - Rodriguez will be co-directing with Frank Miller. At this juncture there's no casting announced, but the press release does say that the script was worked on by Oscar-winner William ('The Departed') Monahan. And with the official title, it's likely that this will not be multiple narratives like the first film, but one single story.

Though Robert Rodriguez hasn't worn out his welcome in the same way as fellow Sundance alum Kevin Smith has, his work ethic has definitely led to less of a following than he once had. That said, 'Sin City' is one of his best films even if it was slavishly devoted to the material. It's a fun world for Rodriguez and Miller to play around in, and - perhaps more than anything - now that it's been announced people can stop asking when it's going to happen.