Even if James Bond turns 50 (cinematically), he's pretty up on the latest technology. With this latest production video blog for 'Skyfall,' it ends asking viewers to follow the film on Twitter and Facebook. All this from a character who famously hated The Beatles. The Video Blog highlights the location work done in Shanghai, check it out...

This doesn't seem to feature many of the actors beyond leading lady Bérénice Marlohe, though that may be Daniel Craig's Bond in the shadows holding a gun at one point. Mostly it shows second unit director Alexander Witt and first assistant director Michael Lerman talking about the film - though one can see its cinematographer Roger Deakins walking around the locations.

It also seems to feature some locations that were previous shot - the footage of Marlohe has been in clips online. But this offers no doubt that the location work is going to be spectacular - as it must be for Bond. The film is due out November 9, and started shooting November 7 of last year, so production has to be almost wrapped.

Here's a shot of director Sam Mendes working with 'M' Judi Dench:

And here's the production blog. The first trailer for the film is set to premiere with 'Men in Black III' on May 25.