Though we're still months from its release, 'Skyfall' has another video blog that focuses on the challenges of costuming a fifty year old character. Of course, that's the reason for the blog, but it's also a chance to get a good look at some of the sets and scenes from the movie.

Jany Temime is the costumer, and she's working with Tom Ford's suits for Bond's look. We get to see Daniel Craig walking around in a tuxedo in a Chinese bar/casino. Maybe it's just us, but from the footage it looks a little like 'Inception.' We also get to see Craig doing a run around London, and talking with M. Though this doesn't spoil anything in the movie, it definitely gives a sense of the scope of the picture.

The film doesn't hit theaters stateside until November 9, but with the MGM box set of all the official Bond pictures coming out this year, and the goodwill that Craig's Bond has engendered ('Quantum of Solace' has problems, but it doesn't get anywhere near as bad as the worst of Roger Moore), this feels like a bigger event than your standard Bond. Or perhaps it's just the constant stream of promotional material. Anyway, watch this: