Sometimes, you watch an ‘SNL’ sketch and can’t help but wonder how it managed to escape the writer’s room and survive dress rehearsal and actually make it into the final show. This scene, a medieval musical about a kingdom ravaged by a fire-breathing dragon, is such a scene.

Maybe, possibly, a dig at the new series ‘Galavant,’ the sketch takes place in a castle where the king (Kenan Thompson) and his companions bemoan the devastation of the countryside at the hands (Paws? Wings?) of a vicious dragon. Everyone agrees that the only option left is to flee their home and start anew in a distant land, but only Kevin Hart seems to understand that time is of the essence. Everyone else (including Sasheer Zamata, Cecily Strong and Taran Killam) can’t stop breaking into song over their predicament, driving Hart up a wall.

The whole “guy in a musical who doesn’t understand that he’s in a musical” trope is nothing new, but watching this particular group of people sing about dragons and abandoning kingdoms on this particular show is such a bizarre sight that you kind of have to give it a watch. The scene is really an excuse to let Thompson and Killam ham it up while Hart riffs and screams (about clothes and dragons and his wife), but it really is unlike most ‘SNL’ sketches you see these days.