Saturday Night Live has always been a venue through which movie stars can publicize an upcoming release. It's also the kind of place where familiar names and faces pop up at the drop of a hat. Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Admiral General Aladeen, stopped by Weekend Update to talk about his upcoming film, 'The Dictator.' He brought with him a very special guest/kidnapping victim who knows a thing or two about cinema.

If you've been following the marketing for 'The Dictator,' you probably already have a pretty solid handle on the kind of schtick Cohen breaks out for the performance. He discusses the films he made in his homeland (including 'You've Got Mail Bomb' and 'The Fourteen Year Old Virgin') and reads a glowing review from New York Times film critic A.O. Scott (scrawled on a blood-splattered piece of paper, of course). Finally, he brings in a legendary filmmaker to vouch for his film's quality once and for all. Even if Cohen's style of comedy isn't for you, this is one of those "only on Saturday Night Live" kind of cameos.