With all of the new and new-ish faces on 'SNL's Weekend Update lately, it's always nice when a familiar character pops up to restore the show's equilibrium for a few minutes. Since we can't have Stefon on the regular anymore, we'll happily settle for Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle, who returned to the show last night with a thing or two to say about Halloween.

The scene gets off to a hilariously awkward start, with Drunk Uncle slowly realizing that Michael Che is an anchor, not a doorman. From there on out, it's more of the same, but that's not a bad thing. Moynihan can play this character in his sleep. But it's a dependably funny character who rings just true enough to most people, capturing the essence of that one family member you have who ruins very function and get-together with his or her loud, obnoxious and politically incorrect behavior.

The main subject of Drunk Uncle's ramblings this time around is the decline of Halloween in America and, as you'd expect from somebody who is drunk and actually cares about the decline of Halloween in America, it's mostly incomprehensible. But it's also mostly funny, which is really all you need for a Weekend Update segment. It may not be the funniest segment of the night, but we'll never say no to a return visit from Moynihan as this character.

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