People sometimes complain that 'Saturday Night Live' makes bad choices when it comes to their musicial guests and their hosts. Though most guests are there because of scheduling (Star X has a new movie/TV show/album/Championship Trophy/fifteen minutes of fame), the show is now open for suggestions on who will host or play on the show.

As we learned from The AV Club, you can now go to the show's website, and once a month they'll open up the floor for requests on their facebook page, and that they'll follow the hashtag #SNLHost and #SNLMusic on Twitter.

Though it seems likely that the hosting duties will remain tied to whatever movie or show is premiering or hot that week (unless Alec Baldwin or Steve Martin are bored), but as the music industry has changed, it could be a work for independent bands that could benefit from the exposure. As The AV Club notes, already both 'Thor's Tom Hiddleston and the bad Sleeper/Agent have started DIY campaigns to get themselves on the show. Whether that'll work or not is anyone's guess.

But -- presented with the option of campaigning -- it would be interesting to see someone like Louis C.K. or WTF podcast Marc Maron on the show, or perhaps a 'Community' cast member like Danny Pudi. There are options.