SNL: Iran Responds to 'Argo' With a Film of Its Own


Of course there was an 'Argo' sketch on last night's SNL. How could you get Ben Affleck to host and not have some kind of 'Argo' sketch? However, what they came up with proved much stranger and much funnier than you'd expect. What if Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad protested 'Argo' by making a movie about the making of 'Argo'? Well, now we know!

Fred Armisen breaks out his Ahmadinejad impression one last time, but there's a twist. You see, he's starring in the movie about the making of 'Argo' (titled 'Bengo F**k Yourself'), playing the role of Ben Affleck. This means he adopts a hilarious Bostonian accent that he can only maintain by saying "Pahked my cah at the Hahvahd yahd" before every line. It's transcendentally bizarre. The sketch actually peaks early, with the Boston-accented Ahmadinejad pitching 'Argo' to Bill Hader's fim executive (who plays him as an Arab playing a Jew). It's a truly strange scene and the details make it work.

Of course, Affleck himself shows up, playing himself playing the character of a sound man in Ahmadinejad's film. His reason for joining the production? To make a film worse than 'Gigli.' Man, if only all movie stars had this level of self-deprecation...

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