Is there a recurring SNL sketch more divisive than "The Californians"? For everyone who loves it, there is someone else who thinks it's one of the worst things to ever happen to the show. The latest edition won't change any minds, but the return of Kristen Wiig does make it a little more special than the past couple of times they've trotted it out.

The real magic of "The Californians" isn't the actual sketch, but the fact that the actors appear to be having a ludicrous amount of fun. The scene gives every performer the chance to ham it up and speak in a silly voice and make dumb faces right at the camera. There are no "straight men" here, just a bunch of hams trying to make everyone else burst into laughter. The best parts of any "The Californians" sketch involve one or more cast members breaking down and giggling. Here, the chief offender is Wiig, whose infectious laughter seems to spread across the entire stage.

As usual, the scene deals with the soap opera shenanigans of a group of self-obsessed Californians (including Fred Armisen and Bill Hader) who live in their own little world and tend to speak in driving directions. The clip embedded below is really more of the same. Whether that's perfect or a nightmare is entirely up to you.