Watching last night's 'Saturday Night Live,' we can't help but wonder how many episodes of 'The Voice' the writers had to watch so they could properly skewer a show they obviously find ridiculous. Although host Melissa McCarthy is technically the lead of the sketch, it's mostly an excuse for the cast to break out their impressions of the singing competition's hosts with some very funny results. Watch it below!

The first impression we get is Taran Killam playing Carson Daly, but we soon get Bill Hader as Adam Levin, Kate McKinnon as Shakira, Jay Pharoah as Usher, Jason Sudeikis as Blake Shelton and Keenan Thompson as Ceelo Green. McCarthy plays a white trash contestant who's appearing on the show so she can take a week off from work and is absolutely shocked when each of the judges takes an overwhelming interesting in her awful, awful singing. Her job is to play the straight-woman to each of the other cast member's bizarre and hilarious impressions (the highlight is easily Hader's Levin) and the results are very funny. Sometimes, all you need for a laugh is a good celebrity impersonation.

What do you think, 'Voice' fans? Did SNL get all of it right...or do you think they're just being mean?