Last night’s ‘SNL’ was like a checklist of every possible and necessary Woody Harrelson joke. After all, if you’ve got him hosting your show, you have to do a ‘Hunger Games’ sketch and you have to do a ‘True Detective’ sketch. However, one subject reigns supreme when you talk about this acclaimed, award-winning actor: you have to do a marijuana sketch.

Hollywood’s most beloved stoner isn’t the main subject of “A New Day,” the latest digital short, but he’s certainly a highlight. Everything starts when a stoner, holed up in his dark home all alone, hears on the news that New York has relaxed its drug policies. Now, carrying 25 ounces of marijuana on your person won’t get you arrested. Encouraged, he leaves his home carrying a baggie of weed, only to find himself joined by all of his neighbors. Armed with their slightly less illegal drugs, they proceed to celebrate, a colorfully dressed and dreadlocked Harrelson acting as their spirit animal.

The final joke may be fairly obvious and fall into stoner stereotypes, but the rest of the sketch is fairly progressive, painting a portrait of a New York where everyone, even the mother pushing her baby down the sidewalk, approves of this law. It’s not a particularly strong political statement, but it’s always nice to see this show dive head first into political events, even if it’s something so minor and local like this.